MFOS Euro Mixer (Black)

New --638% MFOS Euro Mixer (Black)


MFOS Euro Mixer (Black)

We acquired music from outer space in 2016 in order to carry on the great work of ray wilson-- and we are proud to announce another module in the series of new mfos eurorack modules, the mixer

We've taken ray's design and brought it up to date for eurorack:

- conversion to DIY-friendly SMT design for most pcb parts

- retained certain through-hole parts to help maintain that classic analog richness (styrene cap, tempco resistor, et al)

- aluminum panels in a beautiful new design aesthetic by grayscale

- 'either way' eurorack power circuitry (by neutron sound) to eliminate the risk of cable reversing- no blown ICs!

- all pcb-mounted panel components- pots, jacks, leds and switches-- no hand wiring!


If you are relatively new to modular synthesis, this would be a great choice!

- there is a lot of documentation about the construction, calibration, testing and operation of this module, including the legacy mixer, of which thousands have been made

- it's designed to be DIY-friendly with 'large' SMT parts (SOIC, 0805 and 1206 packages)

- it's part of the foundation for a full modular synth rig, with the forthcoming MFOS eurorack modules to create a cohesive, classic analog synth in 84hp or 104hp 

- the functions are 'foundational'-- learn the capabilities of 'basic' functions

if you're still intimidated by DIY SMT soldering, we'll offer the pcbs, bundles and kits with SMT parts pre-soldered for you. 

full kits include everything you need!



On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


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